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Breakdowns and Accidents

If you need help in an emergency, please call Triple Zero (000).
Triple Zero calls are free.

Roadside Assistance & Breakdown

Please call us on 1300 580 175 in case of a vehicle breakdown.

If at fault (in cases of drained battery, flat tyre, etc) an administration fee will apply.


In the case of an accident, road collision, or traffic crash, please collect all relevant information such as:
– Collect and photograph the driver’s licences of others involved.
If required, report the situation to the police.

Stay calm, and do not admit fault.

If it is safe to do so, and a tow truck is not required, you must report the situation through the “Report Damage” button in the app. Otherwise, please contact us on 1300 580 175 to talk to a RIIDE representative and arrange for a tow truck.

You must always report any damage to the vehicle in-app via the Report Damage button.

Updated on 24 June 2022

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