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How can I book a car?
Just like any other app, first, download it on the store.

Once installed, make an account with us and wait for it to be approved. Then, all you need to do is pick a car, click Book and you will have 15 minutes to get to it before it automatically cancels.

Once you get to the car, click Start, inspect for any damage, click Unlock, and enjoy!

Need more information on registering?
How much does it cost?
We charge by the minute at $0.60/min (which is $36/h), with fuel and damage cover included and up to 100km free per day.

Additionally, we offer a reduced rate while you’re parked at $0.10/min.

See our Pricing page for more information.
How can I refuel the vehicle?
All of our vehicles have fuel cards for your convenience, simply fuel up at one of our supported fuel stations, pay with our card, and you’re done.

We also give you a discount for your time spent refuelling!

Click here for more information.
Who owns the cars?
All RIIDE vehicles are owned by us.

This means, unlike other car-sharing platforms, we can ensure the car is properly maintained throughout its lifetime, enable you to lock and unlock the car with your phone, and much more.
Where can I drop off the car?
The parking zones checkbox in the RIIDE Cars app allows you to see all of the available dropoff locations, as shown in purple.

For marked areas that are not carparks, please refrain from parking in restricted parking areas.

There’s a whole Guide to Parking (and finishing your booking).

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