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Your Guide to Parking (and finishing your booking)

Following these guidelines, you may drop-off the RIIDE car anywhere in the marked purple areas shown within the app.

You must always ensure that the vehicle is parked legally. Even if you end your booking, you will still remain responsible for where the vehicle was left.

Never park on yellow lines, painted stripes, bus stops, nature strips, footpaths or disabled parking spots (unless you have a valid permit), or obstruct any driveways.

For more information about legal parking on the Gold Coast, visit the City of Gold Coast website.


Zones are shown within the app as purple when the “Parking zones” toggle is turned on.

These zones cover entire Suburbs and allow users to park and drop off their vehicle where it is convenient for them.

When dropping off the vehicle, ensure it is:

  • Not parked on private property.
  • It is legally parked.
  • The spot is not time restricted, metered or timed.

You must not finish your booking in a time-restricted area, even if it is timed (during certain times only), in any metered areas or where any parking sign is present other than an unrestricted parking sign.

The parking zones have been designed to assist you in dropping off the vehicle easily as time-restricted and metered areas have been deliberately removed from the zone. But this process if not guaranteed and you must always look to see if you have parked appropriately.

We are always looking to improve our coverage of drop-off areas, so be sure to look back at a later date, or email us to suggest new locations.

Carparks and Special Areas

Cypress Avenue Carpark

Parking at the Cypress Avenue car park is provided free of charge for RIIDE customers. This car park makes the Surfers Paradise area accessible to customers for both picking up cars and whilst stopping during a booking.

Griffith University – Gold Coast campus

Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus has two dedicated parking spots for RIIDE cars to use, which are available to RIIDE users free of charge.

These spots are visually marked on the pavement and signed on the northern side of Student Centre Lane, located adjacent to the G33 Student Centre building. It is accessible from Health Drive.

If the car spaces are full, customers are encouraged to find an alternative car parking spot or utilise the pay-for-use casual parking areas. Keep in mind, you can only finish a hire within the designated spots.

Parking infringements

If you receive a parking infringement during your hire, you are encouraged to pay it as soon as possible.

If the fine does not get processed, you will be nominated as being responsible for the vehicle, and you may also incur an administration fee for this process.


We understand that our vehicles parked outside your residence may be unusual for you, but this does not mean they have just been dumped. We monitor our parked vehicles, and if they exceed a certain time parked at one location, we will move them to a different location.

If you are concerned the vehicle is parked illegally, you can contact us and send a photograph of the concerned vehicle, and we will do our best to either contact the hirer or move the vehicle if their booking has ended. If you believe that the vehicle is causing an inconvenience, you are welcome to contact us too.

Updated on 18 January 2023

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