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How can I refuel?

Supported fuel stations
Our currently supported fuel stations include:
1. 7-Eleven
2. BP
2. Caltex / Ampol
3. Liberty
4. Mobil
5. Puma
6. United

Each RIIDE vehicle has its unique fuel card located in the centre console, so make sure to check it’s there before you start your trip.

Once the vehicle has less than 25% of fuel remaining, you may fill it up yourself using the fuel card in any of the approved fuel stations. You must use either Unleaded 91 or e10.

A 10% discount off your trip will be automatically applied for your time (up to $8, and only if the fuel is below 1/4 and is fully filled up)

In exceptional circumstances where you need to fuel up with your own card, be sure to keep a receipt and email it through to us to be reimbursed.

Updated on 14 October 2022

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