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Driving a hybrid car

Hybrid and Electric vehicles are great in terms of economy, but the core differences introduce some differences in their operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the B on the gear selector mean?
The “B” on the gear selector enables engine braking, which may be useful in long downhill areas.

How can I tell if the car is on?
The cay will always display “READY” on the instrument cluster to confirm it is ready to be driven. As it is a hybrid, you may not hear the engine turn on.

Vehicle Operation

Always refer to the vehicle’s specific owner’s manual for more information.

EV Mode

The EV mode, selectable in front of the gear selector, instructs the vehicle to only use the battery for operation. This cuts emissions indoors and may reduce noise.

This mode will only function at low speeds, and if the battery is sufficiently charged.

Engine Braking

As the car does not have an always-on engine, the vehicle features an engine braking mode by shifting the gear selector into the “B” position.

Shift positionObjective or function
PParking the vehicle/starting the engine
NNeutral (Condition in which the power is not transmitted)
DNormal driving*
BApplying moderate engine braking driving down hills
*To improve fuel efficiency and reduce noise, shift the shift lever to D for normal driving.

Driving Modes

The car features a selection of 3 driving modes:
– Normal
– Eco
– Power

These settings vary the transmission, acceleration and feel of the car. Under normal circumstances, they do not need to be changed.

Always ensure the vehicle is turned off before finishing your booking, or you may be liable for damages or a criminal offence of up to $2,757.00.
Pursuant to s 213 of the Queensland Road Rules, amount based on 20 penalty units.

Updated on 16 May 2022

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